Personal and Professional Life Coaching

Personal and Professional Life Coaching

Personal and Professional Life CoachingPersonal and Professional Life Coaching

Client Love


Working with Kathie has been a great experience. She asks the right questions and makes you think deeply in what you need to focus on. It's been a great pleasure to be guided by her and find the answers I was looking for. ~ Luca


I found Kathie’s input to the point and invaluable. Each minute was optimized and productive. I truly appreciated Kathie’s humility in her communication style, which was to the point and without the unnecessary fluff. Her ability to listen to my rambling, to tie all the pieces together, and speak it back out in a cohesive organized manner really helped me to start figuring things out on my own. Every session left me inspired and ready to make the decisions that were at first unclear or intimidating. ~ Yaffa


The time I spent working with Kathie became a really transformative period in my life. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be paired with such a compassionate and supportive person. Kathie was willing to dig into whatever I brought to her each week and helped me create this thread of consistency that kept my work coherent and manageable. Her coaching style strikes that perfect balance between letting you find your own way and offering guidance through resources or exercises when applicable. Kathie's devotion to helping people shines through the energy she brings to her interactions with you and her ongoing pursuit of knowledge and expertise. If you find yourself in a place on your journey where you could use the help of a navigator in the passenger seat, then I'd recommend reaching out to Kathie and inviting her to come along with you.  ~ Brittny


I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Kathie! She has always been responsive, timely, and available as I’ve needed her. I love that she tailors her coaching and help to what I need. She has helped improve my routines, my focus, and my life in general. Thank you Kathie, I’m so grateful!  ~ RJ


Kathie's help is truly a blessing. My creative side was balanced out with her careful strategy and strong logic. She helped guide my creativity yet remain focused on my goals. Every time I have a meeting with Kathie, she pumps me up and I get so excited about my goals. Kathie took me from being stuck, to flourishing in my ideas and creativity. Most importantly, she taught me how to believe in myself and gave me tools to continue my success. I can tell her coaching comes from a genuine place of care and I am always grateful for her help.  ~ Caroline


Very happy I worked with Kathie. Very patient, very detail oriented and our conversations were huge eye openers and confirmation that I was on the right track. ~ Manny


Since the first time I chatted on the phone with Kathie, I immediately felt that she actively listened to what I had to say and was responsive with incredibly helpful insights. She is genuinely interested in helping me tidy up my life to help me maintain focus on my future. She creates a safe space where I feel comfortable to open up about anything, which she then helps me analyze and reflect on. Kathie has, so far, guided me to reignite my curiosity, define success in my own way, and grow confidence in my capabilities. I am super grateful to have connected with her and am excited to continue brainstorming/visualizing my possibilities.  ~ Miki S 


Kathie is the best and an extremely talented coach. I was lost and confused searching for a career that brought me personal happiness. Working with Kathie helped me find clarity as well as my passions for my career. She listens and works with you to find your path! I recommend Kathie to all my friends as working with her has me on the path to career happiness.  ~ Scott 

When I reflect on the coaching that I received from Kathie of FromWithin, I am instantly filled with feelings of gratitude and hope.  Kathie is a thorough life coach. I knew immediately after our consultation that I wanted to use her services.

After each session, I was enlightened and determined. 

Even if you're not really sure about what it is you want to do, Kathie can guide you on the path to figuring it out.   When you set a goal, she holds you to it, but not in a forceful way.. I have more confidence in reaching my goals. Before, I felt as though some of those goals were unattainable, but during these sessions, I learned how to approach them. When you break it down, you realize that there really is NO limit to what you can do. It all depends on you. I am hopeful about my future endeavors and would most certainly use Kathie's services again in the near future.   ~LaToya S.


Kathie has been a gift to my personal growth. She listens and adds amazing insight to each situation. She has taught me valuable skills that I use daily... both personally and professionally.  ~ Jaime 


When I signed up with Kathie Iannuzzi with From Within I was lost about my career path. After meeting with her over several weeks she really guided me in helpful steps to really pinpoint my career calling and open my eyes to opportunities. Every week there was a tangible task laid out that was completely attainable and beneficial to my search. She is relatable, a great listener, and frank in a respectful and insightful way. Not only was I able to work on my career path but also had some life “aha moments” that will help land my dream job and really focus on my top priorities. ~ Janelle M


Kathie is a thought-provoking coach. Her genuineness immediately draws you in. She thinks outside the box and opens up new possibilities to consider that would have otherwise been completely overlooked by me. I enjoy speaking to her and always walk away with feelings of satisfaction, excitement, and hope. She's a great coach! ~Phyllis G


I’ve been working with Kathie for the last few months and I’m proud to not only consider her a great mentor but also now even a good friend. Kathie lifts me up in career and also personally with anything need to discuss in confidence. After our meetings, I have completely new perspectives. She truly inspires and motivates me. Kathie is a game changer for my business and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a coach. ~ Wendy


I recently heard a quote - “when the student is ready, the teacher will come.” If you are considering adding some coaching into your life, listen to your instincts. I did and am having incredible results! Kathie’s skills and genuine interest in my success and growth are exactly what I needed at this juncture in my life to take it forward. I highly recommended Kathie whose incredible perspective will help you grow and go with confidence on your journey attaining success whatever success means to you! Take the leap! You’ll be happy you did. ~ Michelle 



What's something exciting your business offers? Say it here.Kathie is a kind soul and went out of her way to help me right from the get go! She is a giver, a fundamental quality I value in coaching practices. She was very attentive to me and suggested helpful ideas. While talking to her, for the first time I actually saw something very clearly (connecting the dots) about my life journey - what I have been going through is preparing me to offer my services to others. Thank you Kathie for taking time out to connect with me and share valuable resources with me. ~Shelly M


I was so grateful for the opportunity to participate in Health Coach program. I really looked forward to our meetings every week and felt energized and positive about every interaction. The modules were easy to follow and understand with great relevance to real world living. One of the things I appreciated most about the coaching program was that it wasn’t only about diet or food; it truly applied to every area of a full and busy life. Motivation, relationships, emotional well-being, tools & tactics for how to approach or handle different scenarios, and the fact that everything had an anchor -Chris 


Kathie has a lot of knowledge in moving things forward, working in the present and tackling any obstacle that comes up. It has been really great working with Kathie and she has given so much value in each and every session. I would highly recommend her. ~ Vicki C


Kathie was my Health Coach in the summer and fall of 2017. Early on, she asked questions about what was going great in my life and what I wanted to improve. Kathie then worked with me to set realistic goals for myself. Each week during our coaching session, she had a well thought out approach to discussing my progress and coaching me to learn the importance of positive self talk and personal encouragement.

In just 90 days time, I achieved a significant amount of progress towards my goals and I loved Kathie’s coaching style! -Caryn