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The best place to start is From Within.   My mission is to help you get where you want to be in your career, relationships and life by taking control of your time, energy and choices.

Success in 2020 Starts From Within

Your Year, Your Choice

2020 Collaborative Coaching Program

  • One 60 minute private life coaching session to gain clarity and create a plan.
  • 12 monthly virtual group coaching sessions to provide support and accountability.
  • Ongoing community engagement to generate momentum and nurture belief.

You can’t control others or outcomes.

You can take control of your choices.

Choose to set yourself up for success in 2020 . Bring your vision to life with the right strategy, support, and accountability. Go beyond January’s resolution effort, move forward throughout the entire year with curiosity, clarity, and commitment.

Investment Options:

  • $480.00 paid in full ($120 savings)
  •  Four payments of $120.00



One on One Coaching


Improving the quality of your life is your choice. What gets in your way is a lack of awareness and limiting beliefs. Just because you don't know how, doesn't mean you can't.  With a  coach you get curious about your choices and gain clarity to take empowered action. A coach is your advocate and accountability partner who helps you  create positive change in your life by understanding what you truly want, why it's important to you and how you can choose to make it happen 

in a way you believe in.

Axiogenics VQ Profile Assessment


Axiogenics is the integration of neuroscience (brain science) and axiology (value science).  It's a science driven method to create positive change in how we think, how we perceive, the kinds of choices we make and the actions we take.  The VQ assessment (Value-Judgement Intelligence Quotient) measures your capacity to make good value judgements and identifies your best way of thinking. We all have the potential to create greater NET value in our lives and the lives of others. 

The Leaders Council


Executives who are experts in their fields like you meet monthly to brainstorm and find solutions to your most pressing business challenges. Members have compared the experience to having a board of advisors. As peers who don’t work for your company, they can give you honest feedback. Together, members set goals and steps to achieve them. Best of all, they hold you accountable for taking each step toward reaching your objectives.  Council membership includes one on one executive coaching as well.

From within the Council

“I joined the Council to have a safe place where I can ask for advice from other business owners. Since joining, I have gained valuable information and ideas from other members and I always feel that each time I attend there is at least an idea or information that I can take back to my company. I also think the "group therapy" concept of the Council has been helpful, it is always nice to hear that my issues are not at all unique and that others have the same problems and concerns that I do. I am comfortable in knowing there is nothing I can't share.”

Ed Grose 


Alta Management Services

Virtual Collaborative coaching & Online Self-Leadership cour


Why feel stuck ~ When freedom is a choice?

How to take the lead in life to get to where you want to be virtual group life coaching workshop and online guided Axiogenics* self-leadership course. An interactive science driven approach to consciously create positive change in how you think, how you perceive, kinds of choices you make, and actions you take based on the study of neuroscience and axiology, the mathematical study of value.

  • Identify what you want and why
  • Recognize your cognitive biases and liabilities that can be holding you back
  • Learn how to maximize your best ways of thinking and minimize your worst
  • Improve the quality of your life through the power of conscious choice self leadership

Program includes:

  • Four 60 minute group coaching sessions
  • Self Leadership 1-2-3 Online Program
  • VQ Profile Assessment 
  • VQ Profile Jump Start Report


  • One 60 minute private coaching session

*space is limited per workshop

Client Love



Kathie has been a gift to my personal growth. She listens and adds amazing insight to each situation. She has taught me valuable skills that I use daily... both personally and professionally.



Kathie is a thought-provoking coach. Her genuineness immediately draws you in. She thinks outside the box and opens up new possibilities to consider that would have otherwise been completely overlooked by me. 



 I was lost and confused searching for a career that brought me personal happiness.  Working with Kathie helped me find clarity as well as my passions for my career.   I recommend Kathie to all my friends as working with her has me on the path to career happiness. 

Thank You for visiting FromWithin.Love

Happiness fuels Success 


Happiness generates From Within. 

As your coach, my goal is to spark inner strength, inspire belief, and provide the right consulting, support, and accountability for you to succeed.  Life coaching or career coaching will help you develop self-esteem, grow as a leader and improve the overall quality of your life  by taking control of your choices, time and energy.

It would make me happy to be a part of your success story!