Personal and Professional Life Coaching

Personal and Professional Life Coaching

Personal and Professional Life CoachingPersonal and Professional Life Coaching

Kathie Iannuzzi, Chief Executive Coach

Certified Life, Health, Axiogenics, Transformation & Mastery Coach.

Kathie Iannuzzi is an entrepreneur founding From Within, a personal and professional coaching practice and My Path Ahead, a nonprofit organization mentoring high school students .

Prior to starting From Within and My Path Ahead,  Kathie enjoyed a career in the media industry starting as a producer in broadcast television then moving to cable in electronic retailing holding a variety of leadership roles at QVC in television production, sales, talent management, ecommerce and social marketing.  

Leveraging her experience in building consumer confidence in products, brands, personalities, and programs through storytelling, Kathie is now dedicated to building confidence in teens and adults by helping them bring their true story to life and find their path to happiness.

Kathie graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a B.S. degree in Communications with a minor in Business.  She holds a Certificate in NonProfit Management from The NonProfit Center at La Salle University’s School of Business.  She also holds Certificates in Health, Life and Transformational Mastery Coaching from the Health Coach Institute.  She is also Axiogenics Certified in NeuroAxiology  Cognitive Remodeling Technology.

Kathie and her husband John of 28 years have 3 children and two dogs.  Their family resides in Glen Mills, Delaware County, PA.

Curious to Confident

As your coach, I don't have all the answers but you do.  Seek and you will find.  Answers become perfectly clear when you are willing to look for them From Within.  As your guide, advocate and accountability partner, my role is to spark your curiosity to the gain the confidence needed to achieve desired results that last.

Steps to Inevitable Success

  1. Step Back, gain a new perspective
  2. Let Go, clear the clutter
  3. Say Yes, anchor new beliefs
  4. Move Forward, take empowered action
  5. Show Up, create accountability

Guide Points Along the Way

  1.  To be a player, not a spectator 
  2.  To be aware, live in the moment
  3.  To be curious, witness judgment
  4.  To be open, question perception
  5.  To be true, trust your intuition