Personal and Professional Life Coaching


Why feel stuck ~ When freedom is a choice?

How to take the lead in life to get to where you want to be virtual group life coaching workshop and online guided Axiogenics* self-leadership course. An interactive science driven approach to consciously create positive change in how you think, how you perceive, kinds of choices you make, and actions you take based on the study of neuroscience and axiology, the mathematical study of value.

  • Identify what you want and why
  • Recognize your cognitive biases and liabilities that can be holding you back
  • Learn how to maximize your best ways of thinking and minimize your worst
  • Improve the quality of your life through the power of conscious choice self leadership

Program includes:

  • Four 60 minute sessions
  • Self Leadership 1-2-3 Online Program
  • VQ Profile Assessment 
  • VQ Profile Jump Start Report


  • One 60 minute private coaching session

*space is limited per workshop

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October 7, 2019 through October 28, 2019 

Mondays at 6 PM ET or 8:15 PM ET 

Tuesdays at 6 AM ET or 9:15 AM ET